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You dream and we create with perfect installation facility. Choose from more than 80 attractive designs
Get a complete new look of your home with Polyart PVC
The hassle free solution to your home d├ęcor
Give your home a personalized touch with your own choice of panels
Available in Glossy finish, Matt finish, Wood & Veneer Shades, 3D effects, Plain designs, etc
Everything you want to know ABOUT POLY-ART TM PVC Panels:
PVC- The technology from Germany:
Originally conceived in Germany in late 1960's,PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)is a form of Plastic,
and is proved to be a Boon for Construction Industries, after success of old traditional
items such Steel, Iron composites, Concrete, Clay, Wood, etc.
Advantages of PVC over other materials
Easy to Install
COST Saving & cost effective Building material
Damp Proof / RUST Proof
Rot Proof / Heat Proof
Termite Proof
Washable & Easy to Maintain
Impact & Sound Proof
Light Weight
Better than Wood/ceramic Tile Paneling
Water Resistant
Eco-Friendly & Budget Friendly than Ceramics/Paints/Wallpapers
Easy to Re-Cycle
Where can you use POLY-ART TM PVC Panels:
Offices & Other Corporate Work Areas
Shopping complexes
Schools & Institutional Areas
Hospitals & Other Medical buildings
Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Lounges & Other Eating Joints
Exteriors Elevation
Installation: Clean and hassle free
POLY-ART TM PVC Panels can be directly beapplied on any surface (Clay Bricks, Cemented Walls/Ceilings, P.O.P., Painted Walls/Ceilings, Gates, Wooden Partitions, etc.)
The panels are cut to the exact size, and are drilled/fixed directly over the Walls/Ceilings, and in hours you get a new look of old walls/Ceilings with your choice of designs
Installation of Grass is very easy, and you may cover your floor, walls, and terrace with
it to have an exact feel of original grass which will never fade away. It is designed in a very complex manner to make you will like you are walking in your garden.
Medically Helpful for health benefits
Washable, Easy to Maintain
Cost Saving
Easy to Re-cycle
Eco-Friendly & Budget Friendly
Better and even manner than Original Grass
Living Room
Terrace Gardens
Pool Side
Playing Areas